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hydraulic "Lift System"

HAMM Equipment, Inc provides critical onsite repairs, rebuilds, and consultation services on electric rope shovels, draglines and other mining equipment through technology, specialized equipment and years of expertise.  The design and development of the hydraulic lift system has enabled HAMM Equipment to be a pioneer in the hoisting of large componentry providing a safer and time reducing method of undecking/redecking shovels.

We Have Done for This for years.

Throughout its history, HAMM Equipment has been fully dedicated to the specialized repair of mining shovels, draglines, and other large production equipment.  This experience has led HAMM to be a pioneer in hoisting of large structures along with the expertise to develop its own custom equipment.  This vertical approach serves as a “complete service provider” delivering years of extended life to customers most valued assets.​

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Headquartered in Casper, Wyoming, HAMM Equipment, Inc. has an impressive project history and has proven its shovel expertise not only in the United States and Canada, but also South America, Sweden and Africa.

Casper, Wyoming

4927 Scenic Route Casper, Wyoming 82601